BTG offers individualised and group drug/alcohol awareness and addiction programs and counselling. These tailored programs are being constantly revised and informed by a growing body of research around addiction processes, trauma, psychobiology and epigenetics and highlight the need for clients to face underlying causes of addiction and work through these, while applying CBT and diversionary techniques to deal with the daily reality of recovery and reduce instances of relapse.

A typical program package includes:

  • Drug awareness → types of drugs and their effects, etc.
  • Psychological/Psychobiological/Physical processes of addiction
    • Addiction studies → outline simple research
  • Role of trauma/epigenetics in predisposition towards addiction
    • understanding underlying trauma → one on one counselling offered
  • CBT/relaxation techniques
  • Life Management → sense of responsibility/ownership of life/financial guidance/etc
  • Self directed care → setting goals
  • Diversionary techniques → role of art/hobbies/passions in breaking away from patterns of addiction
  • Summary of conclusions and discussion

The focus of the program is to eliminate dependant drug use in participants and help them develop self determined and realistic plans to remain in control, and ultimately, sober.


NIPEA is an educational and informative programme which runs over an eight week period (2 hour sessions). It is designed to assist people to identify negative behaviour and thought patterns which are having an adverse impact on their lives and to provide strategies for positive change. NIPEA is based on strengthening an individual’s ability to make clear and rational choices by self-determination, by heightening awareness of both the potential positive and negative results of their choices, within the context of their everyday lives.

By the end of the NIPEA programme , participants will have had the opportunity to explore:

  • An awareness and understanding of factors that can influence appropriate decision making
  • Tools for use to enable effective cognitive restructuring
  • Pathways for enhanced personal development
  • Cost/Benefit method of strengthening personal commitment to change
  • Inappropriate substance usage and alternative doping mechanisms
  • How inappropriate coping mechanisms can lead to criminal behaviour

Cooking on a Budget -

Run in collaboration with local produce providers using donated food supplemented by the kitchens at Bridging the Gap Men’s Resource Centre to provide short and regular cooking programs for participants. BTG has developed its own cookbook which is regularly updated by facilitators and staff and uses fresh and where possible seasonal fruits and vegetables. The programs also educates participants on nutrition and healthy eating practices.

Outcomes and skills in focus:

  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Organisational skills
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping 
  • Making friends
  • Work ready skills


Our 8 week program runs on a Thursday

Start times may vary depending on our clients and their needs.