Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most prevalent issues affecting men’s well-being in Australia, with suicide taking the lives of 2348 men in 2017, a 10% rise on the previous year. It is expected this figure will continue to rise as existing services are unable to serve the needs of this growing population. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With increasing awareness of this national issue comes a responsibility of governments and health agencies to address mental health in populations that may not willingly seek out psychiatric support. The stoicism(reword) of the average Australian male between the ages of 30 - 60 is part of this compounding issue, as this is a demographic less likely to ask for help in times of need, and as a result to see suicide as a means of escape.

By creating and launching awareness campaigns at both ground level and through online media platforms BTG aims to bring men of all ages who are struggling into programs that will allow them to gain skills and express creativity while being supported through their individual circumstances. They will be offered advocacy and given access to resources including one-on-one counselling to help them take control of their circumstances and guide them through times of adversity, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. A team of psychologists, counsellors, community service workers and educators will remain in constant dialogue, developing and redeveloping programs and services which are tailored to the needs of this at risk demographic, in order to draw them in, help them to be diagnosed and appropriately medicated if necessary, (cultivate life skills), enrol them in disability support programs where necessary, and help guide them towards a life without suffering. This is the ultimate goal, to achieve real healing on a holistic level and to save lives.