Advocacy and Support

During open hours the Men's Resource Centre offers in house support services, including assistance with legal representation, court orders, financial assistance, counselling and a range of other services tailored to each individual's case. Advocacy of all forms is available to help men get back on their feet, and tackle day to day issues which can be overwhelming when in a crisis situation - such as communications with centrelink, employment agencies, parole services, seeking appropriate housing, and basic supports look food and showers, blankets for the homeless and a supportive environment in which to feel safe.

The dedicated staff at BTG work tirelessly to provide whatever basic comforts and supports are available to our clients. In order to provide the best possible assistance each new client who enters the Men's Resource Centre is asked to complete and on-boarding process, which includes a brief questionnaire to assess the best possible assistance and help create a list of priorities for support and advocacy.