Bridging the Gap Community Services (BTG) has operated in the Coffs Coast Region for 15 years now, identifying gaps in existing services in the areas of mental health, community justice, youth services, and drug and alcohol services with a focus on reducing instances of suicide, domestic violence, homelessness and recidivism. Already this project has delivered results in these areas and assisted over 8000 local men and their families in times of need, offering counselling, lifestyle/health programs and supports for clients. Founder and CEO, Jean Clayton has achieved this through the Men's Resource Centre for over a decade funded only by donations from community members.

Thanks to their participation in the C.EX club sleep-out and the ongoing support of such community events and institutions, BTG has begun to initiate new projects and objectives. It is firmly supported in this by a valuable team of volunteer staff, whose ongoing efforts improve the quality of life of those in need and often save lives simply by lending a sympathetic ear.

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